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Training Workshops

LandWise Inc. has developed curriculum material for the following workshops. Check the appropriate workshop title for any upcoming workshops.

- Soil Variability Analysis to Enhance Crop Production
- Nutrient Management Planning for
Livestock Producers in Alberta (2000)

Funding provided by AAFRD, AESA, FBMP, ACC.
- Nutrient Management Planning for
Manure Applicators (2000)

Funding provided by AAFRD, AESA, FBMP, ACC.
- Precision Farming and
Site Specific Management (1999)

Funding provided by AAFRD, AESA, FBMP, ACC.
- Using Soil and Landscape Information in Alberta. (1997)
- Soil and Landscape Mapping Course. (1998)

The objectives of these workshops are to train farmers and agribusiness personnel in the concept of site specific management and to introduce precision farming technology, emphasizing the implications to their business future and enhancing the business relationship between farmers and agribusiness.

The principals of LandWise developed the first Alberta Precision Farming curriculum and have been delivering workshops throughout Alberta since 1994.  They have delivered Land Resource Planning Workshops since 1992. Training Workshops are designed for producers and agri-business personnel.

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