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LandWise Principals

Ron McNeil, President

Ron McNeil attended Olds College and the University of British Columbia and has 22 years of work experience in soil and agriculture sciences. Ron's areas of expertise aid in integrating the fields of soil science, agronomy and remote sensing. Ron has owned and operated a 640 acre continuous crop farm west of Red Deer since 1981. He is also the president of Contract Pedology Services Ltd. which provides soil and ecological mapping services for the oil and gas, forestry and recreational industries.

LandWise Staff

In addition to 2 full-time staff, LandWise Inc. has 3 part-time staff and a team of project specialists including hydrogeologists, soil scientists, biologists, agrologists, GIS analysts and programmers and botanists who are employed on a sub-contracting basis for specific projects. LandWise Inc. will bring together a project team specific to the objectives of a particular project.

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