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Precision Agriculture

What is Precision Agriculture?

Precision agriculture is a leading edge technology that provides the farm operator with tools to manage their land on a site-specific basis. The soil type varies depending on the landscape as a result of the interaction of the soil forming factors. Precision farming enables the farm operator to better manage soil variability. As a result, precision farming and site specific management have the potential to increase economic return while reducing the overall environmental risk.

Precision farming can be as extravagant as using satellites to determine tractor position while an onboard computer adjusts the fertilizer application to match the fertility requirement of that site. Precision farming sub-divides fields into numerous management units rather than treating the fields as one large uniform area.

The following diagram (Figure 1) depicts how LandWise Inc. view the concepts of precision farming and site specific management. A high understanding of the land resource components (y axis) combined with a high use of technological tools (x axis) equates to "high level" precision farming, which actually includes both precision farming and site specific management.

Figure 1. Diagram of Precision Farming Concept

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