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Nutrient Management Plan and Exercises
The Nutrient Management Planning Internet version was developed to provide information and tools to producers, particularly managers of livestock operations, for an economic and environmentally sustainable farming operation. These tools, which include manure-nutrient management information, are intended to increase the efficiency of the operations and reduce the risk of environmental liability.

The Internet Nutrient Management Planning version is condensed from the Nutrient Management Planning for Livestock Production, which is used as a training resource and reference booklet for agricultural producers and specialists when participating in Nutrient Management workshops in Alberta. These workshops are conducted by Landwise Inc. and Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development (AAFRD).

A complete curriculum, which is intended to be used in training workshops will be available in August, 2000. For additional information contact Therese Thompkins or Landwise Inc.

Funding for this project has been a collaborative effort, including: AAFRD, AESA, FBMP, ACC.

Farm-Field Variability
LandWise Inc. can characterize soil in detail, locate and record soil and landscape differences spatially with global positioning systems (GPS), map soil and landscapes in detail and interpret and present land variability using aerial photography and AGRASID (Alberta soil and landscape data).  In addition,   LandWise Inc. uses remote sensing as a tool to help map field and crop variability and use digital elevation models (DEMs) to delineate topographic variation in the field.   

Site Specific Management
LandWise Inc. will develop farm conservation and site specific management plans and identify and map management zones for each field. We also will assist in the implementation of plans and farm data management systems to document land management and crop yield history. More...

Training Workshops
LandWise Inc. provides training in: site-specific management, precision farming, record keeping and mapping software, land resource conservation planning, soil-landscape information and manure nutrient management courses for farmers, agribusiness personnel, and land agents. More...

On-Farm Research and Development
LandWise Inc. can design practical farm experiments, manages, analyzes and interprets yield records and maps.  In addition, LandWsie can provide contract specialists for: decision support systems, engineering and geomatics applications, certified crop advice, digital photography and cost/benefit analysis.

Soil Sampling Strategies
LandWise Inc. will evaluate farmers priorities and field variability to establish soil sampling approaches through the use of aerial photography, DEMs and GPS to locate sampling points and benchmark locations.  Geo-statistics and multivariate analysis may be used to verify boundaries and management zone characteristics.

Farm Software
LandWise Inc. offers advice on record keeping and mapping as well as providing computerized mapping services. Other services provided are; scanning, map presentation and use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for mapping and theme layering.

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