Nutrient Management Planning Exercises

There are seven nutrient management exercises for you to do. Some of the exercises have data sheets on the page to obtain values. Some exercises require you use your data from your own operation. Once you have completed the exercises, there is an answer key for you to check your answers. It is recommended that you print off the exercises (you may have to set your printer to the landscape setting some of the exercises) that you are going to do and fill them in (we are working on interactive forms so in the near future, you will be able to do them right on the web). Should you have any problems or questions with the exercises, contact

The following references have been used in developing the nutrient management exercises. Olson and McKenzie (1998), Wolkowski et al. (1994) and the USDA-NSCS (1999).


Exercise 1. Calculating total manure produced, nutrient content and value of manure.

Exercise 2. Runoff Risk Assessment

Exercise 3. Interpreting Soil and Manure Tests

Exercise 4. Determing Manure Application Rates and Phosphorus Build Up Rates

Exercise 5. Priortizing Fields for Manure Allocation

Exercise 6. Determining Manure Application Rates for Your Farm

Exercise 7. BMP (Beneficial Management Plan) Case Study

Answer Key to Nutrient Management Exercises